EVE, Artificial Intelligent Agent

Develop Artificial Intelligence with NLP & Depp Learning

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis of interaction data through:

                - Pandas
                - Plotly
                - SQL
                - Numpy
                - Linear Regresion

Trends and general data characteristics to better understand the A.I. model to apply

Data Preparation

Utilization of Entity Extraction models to better understand the data and utilize reference objects.

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Open Source

Utilization of open source technologies to speed the development and increase efficiency in the support of artificial intelligece.

Develop models leveraging the power of Tensorflow, Spacy, & RASA NLU to produce robust solutions in a short period of time.

Customer Service Oriented

EVE is focused in increasing the efficiency and enhancin gthe customer experience

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Customer & Agent Assitant

EVE provides service to both the customer as well as agents.

Leveragint the APIs of internal tools, and the knowledge of processes, EVE is able to provide information to agents in a very fast manner.

Helping agents and customers ensures that the same infomration is provided to both parties, and that knowledge is being share consistently.

EVE is able to handle end to end interactions not only with agents but with customers as well. Reducing the time it takes to handle an inquiry and handling 20% of our email volume.