Website Design and Implementation

This website has been written with the following:
*Django 2.0
*Materialize CSS
*Google Cloud Services

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Django and Python flexibility will allow the website to scale into feature projects.

Django offers the flexibility to develop websites with simple features or go to complex websites with logic that only programming can easily solved. Based on Python, Django offers the posibility to add any logic to the website, and organize it in many different levels with multiple environments such as dev, uat, and production. As well, there is a template mechanism that uses a base template to ensure the same look and feel throughout the website.

The structure of this website is as follows:


Materialize CSS offers a modern and easy to work framework

With materialize I use the grid features to make the website responsive. A fixed nav bar at the top with responsive layout. The main page uses the parallax component as well as this page. The projects page uses horizontal cards.

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Google Cloud offers the tools and the neviornmet requried for this website.

The enitre website is hosted in Google Cloud service with a MySQL database in the back end. This ensure high availability, scalability and reliability. Google Analytics has been integrated into the website for analysis and record of visitors.